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Gail Daley

Gail Daleys Fine Art

Fresno, CA


I am a self-taught artist. I have won awards for my abstracts, pet portraits and historical scenes. My panting “Transitions” was created in 2004 and 8’ x 20’ mural was installed by the Fresno Rotary Club at Freeway 168 and Bullard off-ramp in Clovis California on May 30, 2009. I paint a variety of subjects. Simple images of everyday life (past and present), pets, and animals dominate my representational art. I paint abstracts because they are fun and relaxing. I also have a prolific body of Abstracts, Fantasy and Science Fiction art that I call Imaginative Realism. I work out of my home. I have a husband of 38 years who takes me to beautiful places to paint while he pans for gold with our friends, a son who writes juvenile fiction, and 2 cats. We used to have a larger menagerie, but sadly, our Guiana pig, two of our other cats all of our many dogs have passed on. They are remembered with love, laughter and tears.
In my work, I concentrate on the bonds between man, nature and animals because I think God created all of us to be part of a whole, not just individuals. While our individuality is important, equally important is our connection to each other. A painting should have an emotional impact on the viewer; it should speak up for itself. If a painting doesn’t evoke some type of emotion, I don’t care how technically perfect a painting may be; to me it is not art. I also prefer my art to say something positive. We owe it to ourselves not to spread gloom and despair all over everyone! There is enough of that out in the world without artists celebrating it! I love doing vintage scenes: If well done, you can be transported back to the past. Pets and other animals have so much they can teach us about freedom, responsibility and unconditional love. I always strive to capture the personality of a pet or animal when I paint them. The Abstracts and Imaginative Realism paintings I do purely for fun. It exercises my mind as well as stretching my creative limits. Many of my landscapes have water features. That is because I just really enjoy the life and movements water gives to images.
As artists, we shouldn’t get so wound up in the idea of making money on our artwork that we forget we also have a commitment to encourage culture and make it available to everyone, not just an elite few. I don’t think it should be necessary to be a millionaire to own original art. For the majority of Americans, spending $300 to $500 dollars on art for their home or business is a major investment and we should respect that.


Vensoog - Hidden Lake 2 by Gail Daley


Vensoog- Hidden Lake #1 by Gail Daley


Forever And A Day by Gail Daley


Warriors of St. Antoni by Gail Daley


A Year And A Day by Gail Daley


All Our Tomorrows by Gail Daley


Handfasting Poster by Gail Daley


Pismo Beach by Gail Daley


An Ancient Power by Gail Daley


Safe Harbor by Gail Daley


On The Chisholm Trail by Gail Daley


Along The Bozeman Trail by Gail Daley


Home On The Range by Gail Daley


Torn Fox by Gail Daley


Street Vendor by Gail Daley


Cat Napping by Gail Daley


Celebration by Gail Daley


Red Trees by Gail Daley


Fall In The City by Gail Daley


Street Cat by Gail Daley


Autumn Fresno by Gail Daley


Aperitif And Appetizer Ingredients by Gail Daley


Watch It Bud by Gail Daley


A Hard Day's Work by Gail Daley


Jackhammer by Gail Daley


Cutting Wood In Blue Canyon by Gail Daley


Jackhammer by Gail Daley


I'll Take A Large Please by Gail Daley


Remains of Yesteryears by Gail Daley


Down To The Nitty Gritty by Gail Daley


Faded Glory by Gail Daley


Ocean view by Gail Daley


Swamp Gas by Gail Daley


Suns Up by Gail Daley


Old Fences by Gail Daley


Torn Fox by Gail Daley


Red Rock Crossing by Gail Daley


Running Gun by Gail Daley


Summer Dreams by Gail Daley


Dawn's Early Light by Gail Daley


Tears Of The Moon by Gail Daley


Domestic Tiger by Gail Daley


Desert Beauty by Gail Daley


Country Charmer by Gail Daley


Milkmaid by Gail Daley


Crystal Sunset by Gail Daley


Flat Tire by Gail Daley


Forests of Alpha Centari by Gail Daley